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There are many personal and business documents for which document legalization is needed. These documents include academic transcripts, real estate conveyances, judgments, contracts, vital records, certified copies, and many others. Globalization and the explosive growth of international business has allowed most businesses to have worldwide reach. The tremendous growth in international trade, travel and commerce necessitates documents to be properly certified for international use.  This includes documents originating from the United States and recorded in foreign countries, as well as documents originating from foreign countries and recorded in the United States.

These type documents would ordinarily be apostilled unless the recipient country is not a “signatory to the Hague Convention”.  In this case, the document must be legalized thorough the tedious and detailed steps necessary to obtain consular legalization.  We specialize in these complex transactions.  Our systematic program helps our clients navigate through the procedural rules for “legalization” that differ from country to country and document to document across the globe. 

Our service offers consultation and guidance throughout the entire process.  We offer a step by step approach to make the entire process a simple matter of routine   From the initial inspection of the document, to notarization, certification and ultimately legalization we offer a helping hand.  We are assisted in our efforts by our partners including translators, foreign attorneys, our various contacts in government both domestically and internationally.  We also have experience dealing with most consulates locally in New Jersey as well as embassies in Washington DC.        

Document legalization is a highly specialized field that we have mastered.  We assist Fortune 100 companies as well as small businesses and individuals with Consular Legalization.  Proper requirements must be adhered to depending on both country and document type.  Our knowledgeable staff is available to help you.
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